About Healthy As Kale

Hi and welcome to my blog page! My name is Holly and I started this blog to help the busy, working mom who is struggling to balance taking care of thier kids, keeping up with the housework and kiddos. And on top of that trying to get dinner on the table that is somewhat healthy.

I have been there. I started my weight loss journey as a full time working teachers with two pre-teens who loved being in all the afternoon activities. I brought them to school every day all while trying to get myself ready. So most of the time is was eat out three times a day. I just couldn’t figure out how to balance it.

And then one day I decided it was time. Six years and 40lbs lighter and I have learned so much about balance, health and cooking!

I hope that I can bring you great recipes and ideas for you to bring back to your family. And that I can make your life a little easier with learning new recipes!

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